reasonable salary for a corporate business owner

Corporate business owner salary: what's reasonable?

What is a reasonable business owner salary? If you’re the owner of an incorporated business, you probably know that there’s a tax advantage to taking money out of a C corporation as compensation rather than as dividends. The reason is simple.…
gift tax return deadline

The 2019 gift tax return deadline is coming up

The 2019 gift tax return deadline is looming. If you made large gifts to your children, grandchildren or other heirs last year, it’s important to determine whether you’re required to file a 2019 gift tax return. And in some cases, even if…

Marketing is a game of adjustments and risks

How important is marketing to your business? In business, a failure to evolve may lead to failure. One way to keep your company rolling is to regularly adjust how you market products or services to customers and prospects. A marketing strategy…
Work Opportunity Tax Credit extended through 2020

Work Opportunity Tax Credit extended through 2020

If you’re a business owner, be aware that a recent tax law extended a credit for hiring individuals from one or more targeted groups. Employers can qualify for a valuable tax credit known as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The Work…

Not all interest on home mortgage loans is deductible

Not ALL interest on home mortgage loans is deductible. If you own a home, the interest you pay on your home mortgage may provide a tax break. However, many people believe that any interest paid on their home mortgage loans and home equity…
manage risk

Manage risk with your buy-sell agreement

If your company has more than one owner, you can manage risk with your buy-sell agreement. Most companies wouldn’t go into business without some basic types of insurance in place, such as property coverage and a liability policy.  You can…