estimated tax payment

Estimated tax payment deadline is January 15, 2020

If you’re self-employed and don’t have withholding from paychecks, you probably have to make estimated tax payments. These payments must be sent to the IRS on a quarterly basis. The fourth 2020 estimated tax payment deadline for individuals…
tax planning guide

Hare CPAs 2020 - 2021 Tax Planning Guide Release

We are happy to release our 2020 - 2021 Tax Planning Guide. This guide includes information and guidance for both businesses and individuals. If you have questions or if you would like additional information, please contact us.
heavy suv

Drive more savings with the heavy SUV tax break

Are you considering replacing a car that you’re using in your business? There are several tax implications to keep in mind. You maybe able to drive into more savings for your business with the heavy SUV tax break. A cap on deductions Cars…
medical expense tax deduction

Medical expenses: Can you qualify for a tax deduction?

You may be able to deduct some of your medical expenses, including prescription drugs, on your federal tax return. However, the rules make it hard for many people to qualify. But with proper planning, you may be able to time discretionary medical…
sales force

Rightsizing your sales force to maximize profits

With a difficult year almost over, and another one on the horizon, now may be a good time to assess the size of your sales force. Maybe the economic changes triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic led you to downsize earlier in the year. Or perhaps…
IT executive

Should you add a IT executive to your staff?

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic impact have hurt many companies, especially small businesses. However, for others, the jarring challenges this year have created opportunities and accelerated changes that were probably going to occur…