Tax Consulting

tax consulting
Tax Consulting, Taxation Strategy, Planning and Compliance

No one appreciates financial surprises! As your knowledgeable and reliable tax specialists, we assist business owners or management in planning and preparing for tax obligations.  We’ll ensure that the business and its owners have short and long-term tax strategies to minimize the combined tax burdens.  Our tax services include:

  • Tax management strategy
  • State nexus studies and multi-state tax compliance
  • Merger and acquisition tax structuring
  • Research & development credit studies and consulting
  • Federal and state tax consulting and compliance
  • Income tax audit representation
  • Sales/Use/Excise tax refunds, compliance and audit management
  • Estate and wealth transfer planning
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Our Philosophy

Many business owners feel that paying taxes is bad, but if you’re paying taxes, you’re making money!  Overpaying taxes because of insufficient or non-existent planning is bad.  The tax tail should not wag the dog; do what makes sense for the business first.  Business, financial, bank, bonding and shareholder goals trump tax goals.  Together, we’ll develop a game plan to reserve funds to pay anticipated taxes.

Accurate, efficient planning is accomplished with accurate and timely accounting records.  You can be confident that Hare CPAs is on top of all tax law changes, hot topics and strategies.  A dollar spent with us on a strategy should yield three – and we’ll be talking along the way about risk, audit exposure and potential outcomes of aggressive strategies.

We will understand your long-term financial and business goals, we’ll re-evaluate quarterly to update the plan based on changes in your business and we’ll have an end-of-year conference and recap.  No surprises!